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With effect from April 1 2013 various changes have been made to the system of council tax exemptions and some of the exemptions referred to below may no longer apply.

Council tax exemptions may be applicable in some cases.  Some dwellings may be completely exempt from council tax and others may be temporarily exempt.  There are several different situations in which council tax exemptions may apply.  These include condemned properties and empty unoccupied properties which are unfurnished to a substantial extent. With unoccupied properties the exemption can be applicable for up to six months.  Dwellings which are subject to legal repossession by a mortgage lender may also be exempt as are properties occupied entirely by students such as halls of residence.  There are a number of other situations in which exemptions can apply and further information may be obtained from various sources such as Citizens Advice Bureaux.

Council tax exemptions may apply to both occupied and unoccupied properties.  There are twenty three council tax exemptions arranged in Classes ranging from Class A to Class W. For example Class T exemptions can apply to unoccupied dwellings which are within or in the grounds of another property and which cannot be let separately from the other property because of planning restrictions. These could be unoccupied self contained units such as granny flats that are part of the main house. Class w exemptions can apply to self contained parts of a property or granny flats occupied by dependant relatives that satisfy certain criteria regarding age and dependency and that are related to the occupants of the main building. People who feel that their property may fall into one of these or any of the other exemption categories can contact their local council tax department for information and advice. Your local council should also be notified immediately there is any change in circumstances which might mean that the property is no longer exempt. Even when dwellings are exempt from paying council tax they will continue to appear on valuation lists. In 2011 there were 788,100 council tax exemptions in England out of a total of 23,036 million homes on valuation lists and 22,246 homes liable for council tax.


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