2011 - 2012


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Council tax rates in England for 2011 – 2012 are the same as last year.  This is the first year since the tax was brought in that there has been no increase. With the exception of parishes none of the local authorities in England has increased the band D rate; the average for this therefore remains £1,439.  The average amount of tax per dwelling has increased 0.1% from £1,195 to £1,196. The tax freeze was paid for by a central government fund of 650 million pounds, to be given in ten installments starting in April. The Department of Communities and Local Government provided the grant to help councils that decided against setting increased charges. All eligible councils accepted the offer of support and it equates to the amount they would receive from a 2.5% increase in council tax. It is estimated by the government that the savings will be worth around £72 to an average household in a band D home. The money is still paid for out of taxation, but the difference is that it comes from national instead of local taxes. As well as the 378 councils that are freezing rates an additional 43 are cutting the tax but these cuts are not large enough to have a significant impact on average charges nationally. It is possible that some council tax bills will go up due to the fact that the freeze arrangements do not cover parish councils and they could increase their share of the charge. In order to continue the rate freeze for the following four years an extra £2.5bn of central government support will be provided to councils. Starting next year every council will be required to have a local referendum before increasing council tax by more than a level approved by parliament.  If Local authorities set the tax above this threshold a referendum would be automatically triggered and this would involve all people registered to vote in the area.  This would provide voters with the opportunity of choosing between the level of council tax proposed and an alternative amount that keeps charges under the parliamentary agreed limit.





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